About Us

Welcome to Kawaii Spirits

Hi there!

I am Nim, I’m 19 years old and from Canada.

Kawaii Spirits is a project where I want to create, dream and inspire!

Managing my Youtube and Instagram is a lot of hard work, sometimes it takes me days to come up with a DIY idea, during this time writing and doodling ideas and cute little characters really help me find the inspiration for my next DIY video.

I also like to write down my goals, whether it's for school, for Youtube or anything else. For me, writing just makes me feel good about myself and makes me feel more relaxed.

That's when I decided to launch Kawaii Spirits Journals & Notebooks. And journals are just the beginning 

All of the current (and future items) on Kawaii Spirits are unique and designed by me, ensuring the highest quality possible and making sure each product has a purpose. 10% of all the profits will be donated to specific charitable causes, and all of the products are environment-friendly.

Above all, I want to make sure that whatever I create (products, videos or DIYs), inspires you to dream big and be happy!

Love you ~Nim


Why Kawaii Spirits?

Good question! Here are a few good reasons:

Kawaii Spirits has the cutest products on the internet. Each item on Kawaii Spirits has to pass a cuteness test.

The products aren’t just cute, but very functional, I pay close attention to all the little details for each product and ensure all of the product materials are of the highest quality.

The shop has items you cannot find anywhere else. 100% Unique because you are unique.


Why the name Kawaii Spirits?

Kawaii is Japanese for Cute. The word Spirits is for all of the characters I originally make on my Youtube channel in form of tutorials, for instance, Oscar the Cat charms.