The Journal for Dreamers

Writing is therapy. This is your journal, a testament that you are a dreamer, who wants to inspire and create.

Yours to Personalize

Make your calender. Plan your week. Write your goals. You can do anything.

Cute on the Inside

Spirit Journal Features & Benefits

  • Features

    Beautifully Designed, Yet Functional

    Cute character design printed on faux leatherette material giving a smooth luxury touch. Each notebook also has an elastic band, bookmark & inner folio (to put your stickers & inserts).

  • Paper

    Dotted, Ruled or Blank Paper Options

    Dotted is perfect if you want to write and doodle.
    Ruled is perfect if you just want to write.
    Blank is perfect if you just want to draw.

  • Flat

    Opens 180° Flat

    No more awkward lifting sides that distract you when you write or draw on your journal.

  • Size

    Cute Size

    It fits perfectly in your hand, bag, desk, shelf or drawer.

  • Pages

    192 Pages of Quality Paper

    Lots of pages because you have lots of ideas to write and draw. Highest quality paper with 100 gsm thickness.

  • Perforated

    12 Perforated Pages

    This means you can tear the pages off easily, without damaging your journal.

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